Breast is best...or is it?

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It's early days and I’m going to jump right in to possibly one of the most controversial topics. Am I crazy? Maybe. But I feel, given what I’m selling, I need to get this off my chest (pun intended) from the get go. This is my personal point of view and of course you are totally welcome to have your own view on this.

I’ll share more about my feeding journey with my two boys at some stage but in a nutshell, it was bloody (literally) hard with baby number one, O Boy, and much much easier with baby number two, Baby H.

Regardless of my personal experiences, I strongly believe that every family should have the right to feed their baby how they wish, without being judged for it. Sure, breast milk is nutritionally the best for your baby, but if giving baby breast milk means mum is stressed, tearful, in extreme pain, spending all her time expressing etc etc, then maybe it is not what is best for the family unit. Some families will decide that they want to push through all of this, and more power to them. Some families will decide, for whatever reason, they need to try something different, and that is fine too. My point is that mums (and dads) should feel comfortable to feed their baby whichever way. There should be zero breastfeeding shaming, and zero bottle feeding shaming. It should all be a non-issue.

Now to address the elephant in the room - the breastfeeding reminder bracelet I’ve designed and am selling. Yes, I created the bracelet with breastfeeding mummas in mind. Does this mean a mum who feeds her baby using a bottle is any less deserving - absolutely not! While the bracelet has a practical side breastfeeding / expressing mums in particular will find helpful, it’s certainly not limited to only them. The bracelet is intended to bring beauty at a time when you may not feel at your most beautiful. Every mumma, however they feed their baby, is deserving of that.

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