+ To clean your vegan leather goods, simply wipe down the top side with a damp cloth. The reverse is made to get a little dirty but you can spot clean when required. Do not wash, soak, iron, or tumble dry.

+ You can use a very mild cleaner or detergent on the top side - however a bit of light elbow grease usually does the trick. Baby oil or rubbing alcohol can be used as a spot cleaner.

+ Always make sure your goods are completely dry before you fold and store.

+ Vegan Leather wrinkles when folded. We recommend hanging your goods when not in use, or lying flat on the floor. To remove wrinkles hang in the sun for an hour or two or use a hand steamer.

Our products don't like: acrylic and oil paints, makers and pens, scissors and sharp objects, highly pigment foods. Some sunscreens and highly pigmented foods may stain your mat. Claxton+Co. is not responsible for damage done to your mat after use.


+ Your wooden toys made need a clean from time to time. You can wipe them down with a little water and if necessary a mild disinfecting solution such as Detol.

+ They are designed for play but as with any wooden toy they don't like water so don't use them in the bath or for water play. Treating them with some care will prolong their lives and ensure they last for generations to come.


+ To prolong the life of your fabric goods treat them with care by hand washing or delicate machine wash in cool water using a delicate or wool detergent, and line dry in the shade.

+ Do not bleach or dry clean.


+ Our teethers can be pulled apart and the fabric washed. We recommend you do this often. Regularly check the teether and discard at the first sign of damage. 

+ Wipe the Dummy Clips clean with a warm damp cloth. Do not allow your child to chew or put the clip in their mouth, it is not designed as a chew toy.  Store out of reach of children. Discard after 6 months use or at the first sign of damage/weakness.


+ For day-to-day cleaning, wash in a dishwasher or with warm soapy water and—very important—let it dry completely before each use. Give it a good shake to ensure water doesn’t get trapped in the nipple.

+ We recommend checking the nipple before giving it to babe by pulling it in all directions. If the dummy gets lodged in their mouth, don’t panic. Simply remove it, it was designed to be impossible for baby to swallow.


+ Handwashing recommended due to biodegradable nature of the lunchboxes.

+ Booboxes can be commercially composted, or will break down in landfill within two years, as opposed to hundreds of years.


+ Claxton+Co. Moikeu nursing bracelets are durable enough to be worn every day, however we strongly recommend removing before showering, swimming, exercising and applying sprays and lotions.

+ Try and avoid contact with hairsprays, perfumes and lotions.
    + Special care should be taken with the chain as it is more prone to breakage if treated roughly, so please remove before rigorous exercise. When not wearing, it is best to lay it out flat to avoid tangling. 
      + We recommend you keep your jewellery in its box when it is not being worn. This will help to avoid natural scratching and tarnishing that occurs when it is left with other jewellery or other items. 
        + Sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time so it is important to clean your jewellery regularly to prevent any discolouration. To keep it looking its best, regularly wipe the metal surface down gently with a suede or soft cloth and a liquid jewellery cleaner specifically designed for sterling silver.

          + To keep your gold looking its best, soak in a diluted solution of detergent/dish washing liquid and warm water for five minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to clean and then rinse in clean warm water. Dry completely using a soft lint-free cloth or a hairdryer on a cool/warm (not hot) setting.


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