20 Ideas for your DIY Advent Calendar

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Gone are the days of the (cheap) chocolate filled little squares - many people have made the move to a DIY Advent Calendar as they countdown the days to Christmas. Whether it be little bags hung on a cord, individually wrapped and numbered gifts, or a fabric, or Vegan Leather calendar like ours. Whatever your medium, it can be tricky to think of 25 things to fill those pockets so here's 20 ideas to get you started. I want to say here that filling your calendar doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. You can score some great finds at local second hand stores, but often what kids treasure the most is time spent making memories.


  1. Puzzle/lego - split up the pieces and put a few in each pocket. Make it as you go or wait till Christmas Day (Christmas Day puzzle time anyone?!?)
  2. Christmas tree decoration - Store 17 and Halo and Heart are favourites
  3. Nail polish / hair ties/ scrunchies
  4. Matchbox or wooden cars
  5. A packet of seeds to grow
  6. Santa letter from Stardust & Whimsy
  7. Candy canes / Chocolate Elves / Lollipops
  8. Advent Activity Cards with things you can do as a whānau
  9. Hot chocolate stirrers - these ones from 19sixty6 look delicious
  10. Playdough / stamps - The Dough Folk is our go-to for these
  11. Little lego packs - even the Countdown bricks packs are fun
  12. Water beads from No Nasty Kids
  13. A donation to a charity such as Tear Fund Gift for Life
  14. Felt Food via our pals at Fairplay
  15. Felts / Colouring pencils
  16. Temporary tatoos
  17. Little animals / figurines
  18. Bath drops / crayons from Honey Sticks
  19. Getting Lost cards for a fun day out
  20. Pack of cards for family games night

 Enjoying making those Christmas memories!

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