Mothers in the Hood - Interview with Marnie from Eskimo Nell

Posted by Megan Claxton on

Mothers in the Hood - An Intro

A big part of the ‘why’ behind Claxton+Co. is our desire to encourage mums to remember who they are. To help them rediscover themselves, while embracing all that motherhood brings. To remind them that being a mum isn’t the end of their identity, it’s a part of it. 

In this series, Mothers in the Hood (MITH), I will be interviewing women from all walks of life and getting their take on motherhood, making time for themselves and finding the elusive mum/life balance. I hope this look at another mummas life will inspire and uplift you in some way, big or small.


Marnie Hillier – Eskimo Nell 

Marnie and family


IG: @eskimo_nell

Ok, confession time – I am a fan girl of Marnie's. Not only is she a badass babe running a successful business, she is a mum to two young boys (hello, fellow boy mumma), and is all about empowering women. She is always keeping it real on the gram – sharing her successes and struggles in her quirky Marnie way. She was an obvious choice for my first ever MITH interview.

What does an average day look like for you?

A shambles! Haha! We are getting very little sleep in our house at the moment so mornings are a mix of bleary-eyed getting everyone ready logistics & trying to amp ourselves up to get through the day. Oh, and coffee with cream. Total saviour.

I have both kids at home on Mondays & Fridays so I try and keep those days work free hahaha! I used to think I had to cram as much fun into those days for Riv but have recently learnt to chill out a bit. Then the rest of the week Riv is at childcare so I fit all my work (packing orders, customer emails, design & new shiz plannin, accounting etc etc) around playing with/feeding/sleeping Mack (which is getting harder & harder now that he's on the move!)

How did you find the transition from working life to mum life?

I was working for my husband before having Riv so it was very flexible. Definitely not the shock of going from corporate life to mum life!

Are there any opportunities that have come your way since becoming a mum, that may not have otherwise?
I guess for me it's been about making opportunities for myself since becoming a mum. I've 100% found my purpose - connecting with women and helping them find their inner strength & badassery - through my motherhood journey and the struggles I've experienced.
How do you balance mum life and boss life?
I don't believe in this idea of balance - it doesn't exist!! As working mamas we have to accept that when we're working we aren't giving our kids/home life 100% and when we're with our kids things might slip through the cracks with our work/biz - and that's okay! We need to do our best but be kind to ourselves and give the big fat finger to guilt!
Do you take time out for yourself/to pursue your own dreams? 
I've recently started going for 30 min run/walk around the block a few mornings a week which has been incredible. But I guess the fact I run my own biz is my way of chasing my dream - I just don't get any time out to do it hehe.
What are your top tips for rediscovering/sustaining ‘you’ in amongst motherhood?
Get out of your "mum uniform" - this was my trap for so long. I wore leggings and t-shirts for a year after Riv and felt so blah. These days I have comfy but funky clothes (and Eskimo Nell tees!) that are just as easy to chuck on and make me feel a million times more like myself. Or if you can't imagine ditching the leggings and tees then get awesome ones that make you smile when you put them on.

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